Welcome to a Dundee FC fanzine called Dee-Licious.Com

We are in full support of the fantastic DEE4LIFE TRUST and their fundraising ideas
that allowed the fans to purchase a major shareholding in  the club.

You can access some magical nostalgic moments from our Dundee museum, including match reports from the european nights at dens park, free video clips , mp3s and various other goodies -
they're scattered all over the site for your entertainment.

You can interact in various ways with this website by accessing our menu which is situated on the top of every page on the website. Keep your mouse moving and keep clicking pictures and links  for some hidden treasures, but above all, enjoy your visit and we hope you can return again soon - In fact, you can join in our weekly hosted chat room session which kicks off at 9pm on Thursday evenings  and runs till around midnight.

Dundeelicious Blog
Dundeelicious BlogDundeelicious BlogDundeelicious Blog
Dundeelicious Blog
Take a look at the defining moments of the early days of Dundee FC - further updates if demand is evident.
get Issue 1 NOW  Dundee V Cologne 1962
Dundee Video clips available to view online
Dundee FC fanzine Dee-Licious
Dundee chat room every Thursday from 9pm GMT
ISSUE 1 - Available for download NOW
Issue 2 in the making
First monthly issue where we offer our collection of items associated with a memorable moment in the clubs history.
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